[Kamiterior] memoterior writing for fountain pen [Memo Pad]


  • $8.00

Ok Fools Paper
Fools paper was imported in Japan in Meiji era (1986-1912) from U.K. Kaomi Paper recreated the made in Japan Fools Paper and named OK Fools Paper.
Thinness 4, Smoothness (Fountain pen) 1, Grip to the Pen 4

Bank Paper
Originally Bank Paper was developed for Bank Mitsubishi’s account book. Ink flows nicely on the tip of the pen.
Thinness 3, Smoothness (Fountain pen) 4, Grip to the Pen 3

Tomoe River Paper
Ultra thin yet tough and strong paper. Mostly used as planner paper because of the thinness. Great with any writing material, especially with fountain pen.
Thinness 1, Smoothness (Fountain pen) 5, Grip to the Pen 5

Spica Bound Paper
Added cotton like western paper to create softness of the paper.
Watermark = SPICA BOND 25% COTTON
Thinness 2, Smoothness (Fountain pen) 2, Grip to the Pen 1

Eastory CoC Paper
The colour of the paper is pale cream and it emphasizes the deepness of the colour of the ink.
Thinness 5, Smoothness (Fountain pen) 3, Grip to the Pen 2
My personal opinion is included in the descriptions.

  • 91mm x 128mm x 12mm
  • 5 Papers x 20 Each 
  • 100 Total 
  • Made in Japan 

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