Kaishi Paper -青海波-Blue Wave-


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One of the traditional Japanese patterns.

The literal meanings of 青海波 is Blue Ocean Wave.

青海波=Eternal happiness and peace

-Blue Wave-

This Kaishi (Paper) can use as Memo Pad, Letter Pad, Coaster, Gift Wrapping etc.

Kaishi (Paper) is known for used at tea ceremonies.
Kaishi (paper) has been around Heian era (794-1185) it was used as napkins at tea ceremony and at dinner for the nobility.
At the end of Edo era (1750-1850) it became common for regular people to use.


  • Pattern side is little bumpy 
  • White side is nice and smooth 
  • Both side are able to write with Pen, Sharpie, Brush pen, Mangaka pen


  • 20 Sheets
  • 14.3cm x 17.7cm
  • 1 Sample Money Envelope (Folded)
  • Made in Japan

*No Envelopes Included*

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