Memo Block GREEN maccha/rikyu -10 Different Papers-


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Memo Block 

-10 Diffrent Papers- 

This very unique memo pad has 10 different papers in each memo block

*Please check the pictures for closer looks* 


maccha/rikyu (Green)

Maccha = Green Tea

Rikyu = Senno Rikyu = inventor of the modern tea ceremony 

    1. い織り(苔)Inspired by Japanese vintage wall.
    2. 新・星物語(ハーブ)Stars in the night sky.
    3. マーメイド(青竹)They very calm wave seems like where mermaids would live.
    4. タント(G−63)TANT is one of the well-known fancy paper and has 200 colours to choose from. Nice thick texture with has slight bumps on both sides.
    5. NTラシャ(黄緑)Created in 1949, this paper is pioneer of the fine paper. 
    6. 江戸小染はな(くさ)The pattern is called Edo Komon which is a flower design. 
    7. ファーストヴィンテージ(アップルグリーン)The vintage design.
    8. モフル(ピスタチオ)Texture o the soft blanket.
    9. ICHIMATSU(グラスグリーン)Japanese traditional checkers call Ichimatsu which name after Kabuki actor.
    10. OK揉みしぼ(松葉)This paper is reproduction of Washi Paper.


  • 9.1cm x 12.8cm x 1.8cm 
  • B7 Size
  • 10 Sheets each x 10 Different types of paper
  • Made in Japan

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