Hana Musubi

Green Flash

  • $6.00

Mini Envelopes -Hana musubi-

The paper ornament on the top right of the envelope is called "Noshi" 

"Hana musubi" is the ribbon knot on the middle of the envelope

There are different types of knots.

"Hana musubi" envelpoes can be used for occasions that happen multiple times such as birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, etc.

  • Traditional Japanese Mini Envelopes
  • Holds Gift cards/Cash/Cheques
  • Washi Paper 
  • Made in Japan

How to use these envelopes: 

Write YOUR name on the bottom of the ribbon 


  • 3 Mini Envelopes  
  • W72mm x H98mm
  • Please Check the Size of the Images (in cm)

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