Tenugui Gift Money Envelope -Japanse Phoenix-


  • $23.99

-Japanese Phoenix-

Tenugui is the Japanese traditional towel made with cotton. 

This Tenugui is hand made and uses a traditional technique to dye the fabric.  

These are made with Sosogi Zome(注染)methods to dye the cotton fabric and each tread is soaked in ink.

So the Tenugui towel is easy to dry. 

The Tenugui towel’s end is not stitched but it will settle down after washing it a couple of times. 

The main reasons Tenugui towel is not stitched at both ends is to keep it dry as possible. If they stitched both ends it might take longer to dry the Tenugui towel. 

Please check all the pictures in this page for how to use the Tenugui envelope and how to use the Tenugui towel.


  • Envelope 11cm x 19cm 
  • Towel (Tenugui) 33cm x 90cm
  • Cotton 100%
  • Made in Japan 

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