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I believe receiving letters or cards can be a special gift for everybody. 

Since I moved to Canada 15 years ago, I loved receiving letters from back home.

I've been keeping all my mail and reading them gives me strength, tears, and joy; the letter from my mother for my bridal shower, 2 months worth of letters from my husband, the small note my grandfather gave me 2 weeks before he passed away, and the 'letters' from my boys. 

Sending and getting mail can connect family and friends even closer.

I hope you will find the stationery that you love and send a hello to your loved ones. 

We carry old-fashioned to "Kawaii" (super cute!) products and the reason we only carry products made in Japan is simple. Quality. Stationery produced in Japan has a certain feel.

I hope you will enjoy the high-quality Japanese stationery as I do. 

Happy shopping! 



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