[Kita-Boshi] Colour Pencil 13 Colours

Kita-Boshi Pencil

  • $100.00

Colour Pencil 13 Colours + Sharpener 


70th Anniversary Special Edition 


  • 13 Colours
  • Mechanical Pencil Type
  • Red/Pink/Pale Orange/Orange/Yellow/Yellow- Green/Green/Light-Blue/Blue/Purple/Brown/Black/White
  • 2.0mm 
  • Cedar 
  • Made in Tokyo

*Metal Tip part can not disconnect from the body part

*Refills are available [13 Colours Sets/2 Lead Each Colour] Sold Separately  

*Can use to as a Highlighters 

*"Sharpener 3 in 1"will fit to 634 Sharpener Sold by Kita-Boshi Pencil 

*Sharpener 3 in 1 Does not include container to hold all the pencil shavings 



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