Kuretake Gansai Tambi 48 Colours


  • $80.00


Gansai Tambi 

Japanese traditional pain for professional artist and crafters, if can be used as a gouache and watered down for use as a water colours. Ideal for sketch, illustration, card making and more! -Kuretake-


    • White白 No.10
    • Natural Beige No.11
    • Rose Beige No.12
    • Lilac No.13
    • Cherry Blossom Pink 桜 No.14
    • Black 黒 No.20
    • Gray 鉛 No.21
    • Cadmium Red 赤朱 No.30
    • Cadmiums Scarlet 朱 No.31
    • Red 紅 No.32
    • Cadmium Orange 橙 No.33
    • Rose Madder 紅梅 No.34
    • Carmine 洋紅 No.35
    • Rose Madder Deep 臙脂 No.36
    • Purple 牡丹 No.37
    • Imperial Violet 青紫 No.38
    • Cobalt Violet 紫 No.139
    • Lemon Yellow 黄 No.40
    • Aureolin 藤黄No.42
    • Cadmium Yellow 山吹 No.43
    • Yellow Ochre 黄土 No.44
    • Burnt Sienna 代赭 No.46
    • Raw Umber Deep こげ茶 No.47
    • Greenish Yellow 鶸 No.48
    • Malachite 白緑 No.50
    • Sap Green Light 若草 No.51
    • Hooker's Green 青草 No.52
    • Sap Green 黄草 No.53
    • Olive Green 鶯緑 No.54
    • Viridian 緑青 No.55
    • Forest Green 濃緑 No.56
    • Turquoise Green Deep 群緑 No.57
    • Sap Green Deep 蓬 No.58
    • Lime Green 萌黄 No.59
    • Cobalt Blue 瑠璃 No.60
    • Ultramarine Pale 白群 No.61
    • Turquoise Blue 浅葱 No.62
    • Cerulean Blue 水No.63
    • Ultramarine 群青 No.64
    • Prussian Blue 美藍 No.66
    • Indigo 藍 No.67
    • Blue Gray Deep 鉄紺 No.68
    • Horizon Blue 勿忘草 No.69
    • Chestnut  栗 No.71
    • Maroon 小豆 No.72
    • Gold 金 No.90
  • Bluish Gold 青金 No.91
  • White Gold 白金No.906
  • 48Colours
  • Water-Based Pigment 
  • 235x17x295mm
  • Made in Japan 

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