[Kamiterior] memoterior writing for ballpoint pen [Memo Pad]


  • $10.00

FC Dream : This paper feels smooth like a silk. Clean whiteness of the paper makes the colours pop. 
Smoothness (pen) 3, Smoothness (texture) 1, Thickness 3

Cream Ledger : Clear cream matte paper with less gloss on the surface. This paper seems and feels thin, however, it gives nice grip to the pen.  
Smoothness (pen) 4, Smoothness (texture) 4, Thickness 5

Marshmallow CoC Snow White : One of the Japan’s top quality white paper that gives perfect gradations to the colours. Smoothness (pen) 2, Smoothness (texture) 3, Thickness 2

Neue Gray : Neue is “New” in German. The colour or the paper is Gray but without high intensity colour. 
Smoothness (pen) 5, Smoothness (texture) 5, Thickness 4

Peacock Kent : Thickest paper of all 5 in this memo block. Even though the thickness of the paper, it is very flexible and has very smooth surface.
Smoothness (pen) 1, Smoothness (texture) 2, Thickness 1
My personal opinion is included in the descriptions.

  • 91mm x 128mm x 12mm
  • 5 Papers x 20 Each 
  • 100 Total 
  • Made in Japan 

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