Soramame Ink Pad -1-


  • $13.00

Soramame Ink Pad

"Multipurpose inkpad for fabric, wood, paper and more.

Traditional Japanese colour combination.

Pruduct by Tomoko Tsukui- eraser stamp artist"

4 Traditional Japanese Colours

Umemurasaki 梅紫 Reddish Purple Colour

Chitosemidori 千歳緑 Deep Pine Tree Colour

Ukon 鬱金 Turmeric Colour  

Nasukon 茄子紺 Deep Eggplant Colour with Navy Colour 


  • 4 Colours 
  • Each Ink Pad 3cm x 2.5cm x 1.8cm 
  • The Container 8.3 cm x 2cm x 4cm 
  • Made in Japan 

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