Kokin Wasa Syu -Japanese Calligraphy- Fan Shape [Large Vertical]


  • $400.00

Kokin Waka Syu [古今和歌集]

-Originals Only-

These translations are very basic. Each piece has a very deep poetic meaning that is difficult to translate to English.  If you would like know more about a specific one, please ask.

Kokin Waka Shu was published in the Heian period (798-1185) 
Emperor Daigo ordered 4 poets to make a “Collection of Japanese Poems”
In 905 (other theory shows it was 912), 1111 poems were published.


Please note that these items all have minor creasing on the upper right corner created during transit from Japan.


The dew and the autumn rain changes the colour of the leaves 


How the moon is resting in the short summer nights 


Spring will never see the special flowers that bloom in the winter when it snows

Fan Shape [Large Vertical]

Each unique piece created by a calligraphy artist in Okinawa, Japan 


50% of the process will be donated to local charities in Edmonton, Alberta where most needed at the time.


  • Matting in Edmonton
  • Free Shipping Included 
  • If you would like to have different background, it is easy to peel them off
  • 16 x 20
  • 41cm x 51cm
  • Made in Japan

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