ZEN Terminology -Japanese Calligraphy-


  • $60.00

ZEN Terminology

-Originals Only-

-Japanese Calligraphy-

These translations are very basic. Each piece has a very deep poetic meaning that is difficult to translate to English.  If you would like know more about a specific one, please ask.

4 ZEN Terminology to choose from 


Good luck is already at the entrance 

Washi  Paper Colours=Light Blue, Light Green 


Celebrating long life with "sakazuki" 

Special cup to drink small amounts of alcohol 

Washi Paper Colours=Light Beige 


One flower blooms to let the world know spring has came

Washi Paper Colours=Light Pink, Light Orange and White


The best quotes are timeless


Each unique piece is created by a calligraphy artist in Okinawa, Japan 


50% of the process will be donated to local charities in Edmonton, Alberta where most needed at the time.


  • 12 x 16
  • 30 1/2cm x 41cm
  • Made in Japan 
  • Matting in Edmonton 
  • If you would like to have different background, it is easy to peel them off 

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