Kokin Wasa Syu -Japanese Calligraphy- Fan Shape [Small]


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Fan Shape [Small]

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-Originals Only-

Kokin Waka Shu was published in the Heian period (798-1185) 

Emperor Daigo ordered 4 poets to make a “Collection of Japanese Poems”
In 905 (other theory shows it was 912), 1111 poems were published.
(except 1 and 2 pomes)

These translations are very basic. Each piece has a very deep poetic meaning that is difficult to translate to English.  If you would like know more about a specific one, please ask.

1[幾山川こえさり行かねば寂しさのはてなむ国ぞ今日も旅行く] 若山牧水

2[幾山川こえさり行かねば寂しさのはてなむ国ぞ今日も旅行く] 若山牧水

1 & 2 [written in 1907 by Bokusui Wakayama]

How many mountains and rivers I have to cross to find the place without loneliness, until then I will continue to search

Kokin Waka Syu [古今和歌集]

3[谷風にとくる氷のひまごとにうち出づる波や春の初花]源 当純

[Spring Theme]

The wind from the Valley that melts the ice and snow resembles a wave,  blooming flowers signal the start of spring.


[Spring Theme]

Please don't burn the field today, my wife and I are appreciating the freshness of the grass


[Spring Theme]

Picking young green herbs for you and the spring snow is covering my sleeve 

6[浅緑糸よりかけて白露をたまにもぬける春の柳か]僧正 遍照

7[浅緑糸よりかけて白露をたまにもぬける春の柳か]僧正 遍照

6&7 same poem

[Spring Theme]

Bud on the tree as a light green string, clear dew on the branches as a crystal


[Spring Theme]

The Japanese nightingale thinks the snow on the branches are the first flower of the season 


[Spring Theme]

Even after breaking the branch of the plum tree, I can still recall its beauty

Each unique piece created by a calligraphy artist in Okinawa, Japan 

50% of the process will be donated to local charities in Edmonton, Alberta where most needed at the time.


  • 16 x 20
  • 41cm x 51cm
  • Free Shipping Included 
  • Made in Japan 
  • Matting in Edmonton 
  • All of them in Black matting except 1 in white 
  • If you would like to have different background, it is easy to peel them off

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